Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy (IAYT) is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga

Resolving My PSTD

My name is Ryan. I started receiving treatment for PTSD (anxiety) resulting from a serious car accident. I was previously interested in yoga prior to my counseling. This is what brought me to Patricia Simpson as a therapist. While versed in yoga, I was self-taught.  This left me with a more physical understanding of the practice. My intent was to have Mrs. Simpson teach me the proper emotional and spiritual side of yoga/meditation.

When I received my evaluation and was diagnosed with PTSD. Mrs. Simpson instantly recognized how I learn, through books. She recommended several crucial texts on the practice of Viniyoga and the audio meditative practice of Yoga Nidra (iRest). These were to be my “first steps” in my journey to peace.

We started our sessions talking about what activities or thoughts affect me the most. Mrs. Simpson carefully listened and evaluated. She generously shared some of her own personal bouts with anxiety. To know you are not alone with this was very comforting as well and reassuring. We continued discussing the history of the yogic practices. This gave me a background and centuries of proof that this practice can work. Her knowledge of the subject was impressive. While open to holistic thinking, one can not rationally abide by that alone. Sensing my hesitation she immediately began to discuss the physiological aspect to my practice. Her explanations of the various types and functions of the nervous system was enough to convince the skeptic in me.  She explained the need for the body and the mind to work together being essential to a calm, healthy existence. She continued introducing various breathing techniques based on the yoga sutras. Like all new activities you wish to master, these required dedicated practice. Mrs. Simpson helped to guide me, assessing what made me frustrated or gave me difficulty and adjusted to suit.

After about a month of sessions she felt I was ready to start my physical training. She was kind enough to invite me to her personal practice studio to teach me. After a thorough sight evaluation of my posture and other physical structures we started with a general Viniyoga practice. She took great care to study the way I was performing the poses to insure I would be free of injury. I was corrected when I was improperly positioned.  This gave me confidence in her teachings. The next session, a week later I was given a personal yoga practice. I am to perform these poses for 6 weeks to see if I have any results.

With the help of Patricia Simpson and yogic/meditative practices I feel more in control of my anxiety and PTSD. This is not to say I found a simple cure because we all know this disorder is anything but simple. I have good days and bad days. The good days are more and more. Thanks to Patricia Simpson’s efforts and guidance I feel I am taking a step in the right direction.